JoJo Fletcher May Have Gone Under the Knife Before Filming 'The Bachelorette'

As if JoJo Fletcher weren't already hot enough, plastic surgeons are telling Radar Online that after examining the new Bachelorette promo, they're convinced JoJo's had some post-Bachelor plastic surgery -- and they're talkin' rhinoplasty, fillers for her nonexistent wrinkles, lip plumping, and also a boob job. Because why not?


Of course, the surgeons -- who all admit that they themselves didn't work on JoJo at all -- are coming to all these conclusions by watching the kind of grainy video released on Twitter this week. 

In the video, JoJo's spinning around and trying to convince us all that she's the hottest and most eligible bachelorette in America, and she's totally, definitely made up with makeup. I mean, the girl is contoured out her mind. That's fine and totally makes sense given the context, but come on -- we live in an era of Kardashian-taught contouring. Sometimes, these girls really are just wearing a lot of bronzer. It doesn't always have to be surgery.

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The plastic surgeons might be right. But even if they are, can you blame a girl for being concerned about her looks right now? She's about to be the star of a national TV show, and literally millions of us are going to sit on our couches and judge her every move. And then tweet about it. She's also about to meet a bunch of hot dudes for the first time, so like ... yeah. We get it.

Honestly, the only way this would be really upsetting is if the producers told JoJo she HAD to get plastic surgery to be the Bachelorette. She's obviously beautiful the way she is, but if it's her choice to go under the knife, we're cool with that. If it's someone else telling her she doesn't look good enough the way she is, then we get worried.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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