Leah Messer's Days on 'Teen Mom 2' Might Be Numbered

So many of the Teen Mom 2 stars have been calling out MTV for bad editing lately, but no one has been more upset about it than Leah Messer. But could it have been so bad that it made her decide to walk away from the show forever? Apparently, Leah wants to quit Teen Mom 2, but her contract is making it impossible to go through with it.  


A source close to Ali, Addie, and Gracie's mom talked to Radar Online recently, and it sounds like after the way the show made her come off this season, she really wants to call the whole thing off, and she would if her contract would allow it. 

And it sounds like it's not because she's tired of filming, but she's tired of how she's portrayed. And the last straw for her? The scenes between her and Jeremy where it seemed like the interest in getting back together was one-sided. As Leah and the source tell it, Jeremy was definitely interested, too, but MTV didn't make it seem that way.

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The source told Radar, "The show keeps on editing it to look so different than it really is. Leah is upset, but she's not shocked. She's kind of over it, to be honest." 

Not that we can blame her! If the editing really is that heavy, we'd be fed up, too. Hopefully, if her contract does trap her, she's able to work something out so the editing isn't quite so harsh. It makes for awesome drama, but it sounds like poor Leah has been through enough as it is! 


Image via MTV

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