Ben Higgins Is Sick of Lauren Bushnell Being Unemployed

Because it wouldn't be The Bachelor without post-show rumors about how much the couple actually hates each other, we feel more than compelled to report that all is on track with Bachelor couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell -- according to In Touch, Lauren is still unemployed and Ben wants her to get a job already. We also feel compelled to LOL a little at this, because, duh.


As you know, Lauren did the LA --> Denver move a few weeks ago to be with her new fiancé, Ben. That obviously involved her leaving her job as a flight attendant, and according to In Touch's sources, Ben is sick of her just putzing around the house. Apparently, he's told her numerous times it's time for her to get a job and "contribute" to their life together.

Ouch, Ben.

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But the sources are saying that Lauren's putting off getting a job because she misses Los Angeles and is still holding out hope that she can convince Ben to move that direction with her.

Basically, what we're hearing is that Lauren is sick of Denver and Ben is sick of Lauren being sick of Denver. Sounds reasonable, right?

We're still convinced that the two are happily in love and just excited to be with each other. We're hoping this source is a quack (and that Ben and Lauren's marriage-to-be isn't), but we guess we're stuck in a "time will tell" thing again. Oh, well.


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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