Sean & Catherine Lowe on Preparing to Be Parents & How 'The Bachelor' Has Changed

Sean and Catherine LoweWith only a couple of months to go before their brand-new little addition shows up on or around July 5, The Stir couldn't have been more thrilled to chat with Bachelor couple Sean and Catherine Lowe on April 27 in New York City at their "Loads of Love" baby shower, which kicked off their new partnership with Dreft.


We sat down with the happy (and totally down-to-earth) couple and got scoop on how their journey to becoming parents has gone so far -- and how much their lives are about to change in a big way! (Spoiler alert -- we got them to dish on what they think of The Bachelor too.)

Catherine, on her pregnancy thus far ...

I've been feeling great. The third trimester has brought a little more of an energy depletion, but other than that, it's been such a great pregnancy ... super easy, way more than I expected. I prepped Sean a long time ago and said, "I'm gonna be crazy, and I'm gonna be angry! And I'm gonna be hungry and all these things," but it's really been an easy transition. I forget I'm pregnant all the time. I didn't have morning sickness ... anything that most people have had, I haven't.

Sean, on their new partnership with Dreft and how they are preparing for the baby ...

It's a really cool opportunity with Dreft that presented itself. Dreft is such a well-recognized brand, and has been the number one doctor recommended brand (of laundry detergent) for 80 years, so we thought that if we're going to put our names behind something, this is a great product to put our names behind.

They're capturing everything about the pregnancy on their social media channels, which is cool because they'll be able to capture us as both expectant parents, and capture some of the moments with us after the baby.

Catherine on the "Loads of Love" baby shower:

Today we're doing the Loads of Love baby shower to get the essentials for our baby, and really just spark this fun new "Amazinghood" that we're going through and looking forward to.

On whether they are having a boy or a girl, since they have not found out the sex ...

Catherine: We're thinking a boy ...

Sean: We know it's a big baby, that's what the doctor says, so that's why we're thinking it's a boy.

Catherine: Some people say it's [pregnancy] easier with a boy, but my mom had all girls and she had it really easy, so we don't know, but we're probably inching closer to a boy.

On decorating the nursery ...

Catherine: We're keeping things neutral and going with whites, greens, grays, and texture. 

On their plans after baby's arrival ...

Catherine: We're gonna do the nesting thing.

Sean: We'll take at least a week off when it's just us and the baby, and actually her mom is gonna be in town too. We're just gonna enjoy us as a family.

Catherine: We don't know what to expect, so all we know is what we can control, and that's relaxing.

On The Bachelor, and whether they'll keep watching and live tweeting after the baby comes ...

Catherine: We'll plan to watch it, and JoJo is a Dallas native, so we'll get to know her more after the show, and it's just such a fun show. Sean loves to make fun of the guys!

Sean: The guys are easy to pick on!

Do you think the show has changed or gotten more superficial as time has gone on?

Catherine: On the show, mostly the people are chosen for the lead. I thought Sean's girls were great and wholesome for the most part. Of course, you're gonna get people who love the potential for attention, for sure, and that's normal.

Sean: I think it's been ramped up over the last few years, because Instagram has really been the driving force behind that. So now you see everybody promoting things and maybe that makes you wonder about their intentions.

On the Bachelor baby boom that's happening right now:

Catherine: I'm really close with Ali (Fedotowsky), and then Desiree (Hartsock) just announced her pregnancy today and I congratulated her. It's so funny ... there's like seven of us who are pregnant!

On this being their last trip before their baby arrives ...

Catherine: Today is our last time in New York before having a baby, which is just bizarre! We're taking our time and trying to enjoy it, but it's weird to think about, which is a good thing, because I need to focus on next steps for this baby.

Sean: We're heading back tomorrow, but we're going to grab dinner just Catherine and I tonight to celebrate her birthday, which is Friday!

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