Brooke Wehr Insists She's Not the Least Bit Jealous of Leah Messer

In the most recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer have looked pretty cozy for people who are divorced. And even though it'd be great to see them back together, there's one problem: Jeremy has a girlfriend. And now, Brooke Wehr is refuting claims she's jealous of Leah, no matter how much time Leah and Jeremy spend together.


A rumor has been going around that Brooke wanted to prove that Jeremy is hers now so much that she posted a well-timed Instagram pic of the two of them together after the episode where Leah and Jeremy go out for dinner and drinks aired. But don't worry -- that rumor isn't true. 

So what's really going on? Brooke took to Twitter to share her thoughts. Unfortunately, her account is private, but here are what the tweets apparently said: 

People are so effing stupid. I posted a picture of me and Jeremy together in NY well over a month ago. Had absolutely zero to do with leah.

That story doesn't even make any sense. How would I even know that if it aired after I posted the picture? #dumbasses 

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Honestly, we can't blame Brooke for being fed up. It can't be fun to have people spreading rumors about you, especially when you aren't the one who chose to have fans of a reality show interested in your life. It's gotta stink sometimes! 

We're glad she stood up for herself, though. If she and Jeremy keep dating, this is just the beginning for her. Rumors follow the moms, their exes, and everyone in between all the time, so this one is just par for the course. 

Here's hoping it gets easier for Brooke! Maybe people will get the message and leave her alone.


Image via jeremylcalvert505/Instagram

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