Leah Messer Accused of Neglecting Her Kids Once Again

Is it just us, or has Leah Messer been through the wringer lately as a mom? This season, Teen Mom 2 hasn't shown her in the best light, and now she's being judged again. Now, fans are slamming Leah for letting her daughter fall off a swing, and it's not pretty.


In Monday's episode, Leah and her friend were having lunch at a playground while the girls played. Then, Ali fell off the swings, and fans immediately started bashing Leah for not paying enough attention to her children. 

And oh, did it ever get nasty on Twitter. If you search her mentions, you can still see tons of people calling her out for letting Ali's fall happen ... and for basically everything else she does on the show.

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Leah may have made some parenting mistakes in the past, but we'll let this one slide. After all, kids falling is a very normal thing, especially when they're excited to be at the playground. It happens -- no matter how closely you're watching them. Plus, Ali seems totally fine, so no harm done!

And honestly, we don't envy the position Leah has been put in lately. It's hard enough to raise three girls as a single mom, but to be judged for every move you make? No thanks! 

Here's hoping that Teen Mom cuts her some slack soon. We know she has good parenting moments, too, so why not let us see them?


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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