Jenelle Evans Accused of Putting Kaiser's Safety at Risk

This girl just can't do anything right in some people's eyes. Jenelle Evans posted an adorable picture of Kaiser enjoying some sun while boating with his mama, but commenters almost immediately called her out for not having him in a traditional life-preserver.


It turns out that they're totally off base though, and this little cutie was as safe as any toddler could be on a boat. Jenelle specifically pointed out that the floaty-swimmy-thingy (the technical term, I'm sure) Kai is wearing in the photo is called a Puddle Jumper.

First off, is that not the cutest? He's such a handsome little guy! But of course some people felt the need to call Jenelle out for not keeping her kid safe. You know, because he's not in an old school–style life vest.

As it turns out, Puddle Jumpers are Coast Guard–approved for kids between 30 and 50 pounds, which Kaiser looks to be. They have the added benefit of allowing a fuller range of movement, and I can guarantee you it's going to be easier to get a little kid to wear this than something bulky going around his neck.

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Jenelle has definitely made some parenting mistakes in the past, but she really seems to be doing her best to be a good mom this time around (her mom Barbara has custody of her 6-year-old Jace, because she just wasn't ready to be a mom at 17). Maybe instead of jumping down her throat at every perceived bad move she makes, people could keep their opinions to themselves.


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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