The Men Who Won 'The Bachelorette': Where Are They Now?

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 29, 2016 TV

As much as we love The Bachelor, there's something awesome about seeing the women take the driver's seat in The Bachelorette every summer. There are just weeks left until JoJo Fletcher's season begins, but until then, what about the guys who have won the hearts of Bachelorettes past? 

Here's your full update on every dude who has ever won The Bachelorette. Some of them are still with their leading ladies, while others have had to find love without ABC's assistance. And even though some of these relationships didn't last, we can't deny that these men were all a total catch.


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  • Ryan Sutter


    Image via ryansutter/Instagram

    The very first Bachelorette winner is still living happily ever after with his lucky lady, Trista Sutter, and these days, they're living in Colorado with their two adorable kids. The one success story that actually makes us believe Bach love really can exist! 

  • Ian McKee


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    Unfortunately, Ian's relationship with Meredith Phillips didn't last, and now, he's kind of a mystery. He's pretty quiet on social media and it doesn't look like he's married since then. Hmm! 

  • Jerry Ferris


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    Long after his romance with Jen Schefft, Jerry married a woman named Natasha Goss in a Hollywood-themed wedding. How cute! 

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  • Jesse Csincsak


    Image via anncsincsak/Instagram

    Jesse may not have found lasting love with Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, but he did end up with a fellow Bach alum! Now, he's married to Ann Leuders, a Bachelor contestant, and they have one adorable kid together.

  • Ed Swiderski


    Image via eswiderksi/Instagram

    Ed and Jillian Harris didn't last, but that's totally fine, because he's found someone new. Last year, he married Natalie Bomke, and if his Instagram is any indication, they have an awesome life together. 

  • Roberto Martinez


    Image via ABC 

    Roberto may have won Ali Fedotowsky's heart on the show, but their relationship only lasted a little longer than a year. Today, Roberto is busy having so many adventures he chronicles on Twitter, and it looks like he's found a lucky lady to spend his time with too. 

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  • JP Rosenbaum


    Image via _jprosenbaum/instagram

    JP and Ashley are yet another success story, because since her season of The Bachelorette in 2011, they're still together -- and they have a son together. 

  • Jef Holm


    Image via jefholm/Instagram

    As adorable as Jef and Emily Maynard were together, their relationship ultimately ended just months after their season did. Today, Jef is still single -- and as adorable as ever, honestly. 

  • Chris Siegfried


    Image via chrisrseigfried/Instagram

    Chris and Desiree Hartsock have now been married for a little over a year, and they're expecting their first baby! Is it just us, or is the success rate way better on The Bachelorette? Just sayin'...

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  • Josh Murray


    Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

    Unfortunately, Josh's engagement to Andi Dorfman lasted less than a year, and now, he's a single dude who spends most of his time with his dog. That's okay, though, because they make the cutest pair. 

  • Shawn Booth


    Image via shawn_booth18/Instagram

    If you follow him on Instagram, you already know that he and Kaitlyn Bristowe are still totally obsessed with each other and are currently planning their wedding. Also recently, Shawn launched his personal training and nutrition business, so it sounds like he's been keeping himself busy! 

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