Corey Simms Opens Up About How He Really Feels About Leah Messer

Whoa. We knew that they've been having a rough time co-parenting lately, but in a deleted scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms did not hold back on how he really feels about Leah Messer. Let's just say she won't be getting a glowing letter of recommendation for motherhood from him anytime soon.


Earlier in the season, Corey fought Leah for primary custody of their twins, Ali and Aleeah Grace, after she was having difficulty getting them to school on time. On this week's episode, they got word that her motion to revisit the judgment got a court date, but after watching this video, you can see that Corey was clearly not on board.

While Corey talked to a friend about seeing Leah the next day for a doctor's appointment for Ali, he opened up about how hard it's been dealing with the custody situation. He said that it stresses him out to think about the reconsideration in court.

He also lamented what these court hearings are doing to the twins, and how it's not fair to them to have things changing all the time. He confessed that he wished things had been settled years ago, before they were old enough to have much understanding of what was going on.

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Corey basically blamed Leah for the whole thing. "Leah's looking at it for herself," he claimed. "I mean ... it's all about herself -- that's all she cares about. But the kids [are] the ones getting hurt."

Ugh, it's so hard to hear things like this. Leah has definitely had some issues in the past, but she's been working on getting her life in order, and she no doubt misses her kiddos like crazy.

Regardless of what Corey thinks, that's hardly being selfish.


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