JoJo Fletcher's First 'Bachelorette' Promo Comes Complete With a Unicorn

We've got a whole month more to wait before The Bachelorette airs, but in the interim, we have the best possible news we could possibly bring you: There's finally a promo video for JoJo's season, and it's freakin' amazing. So much drama, so much sass, so many roses. Like, SO many roses.


It's only 30 seconds, so you can watch three times in a row and not feel ashamed:

So JoJo is blonde?! And Conf Dent? (Like the idea, but JoJo does not look like an "I," guys, sorry.)

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BUT ALSO: Did we all catch the guy who rode in on a UNICORN?! We've got to be honest -- that's a way cuter approach than the unicorn head that JoJo wore to her first rose ceremony. Same idea from this guy, but better execution. 

Even so -- judging from the caliber of men clinking glasses at the end of the clip, even unicorn boy is going to have a tough run. These guys look fiiiiine, and we can't wait to hear all the nonsense they'll say that'll ruin their nice faces and hot bods for us. 

It's our favorite time of year. Bring on the bachelors!


Image via ABC

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