JoJo Fletcher Threatens to Leave 'The Bachelorette'

Considering Ben Higgins is more or less the sweetest and most bland boy to ever grace our television screens, The Bachelor producers had to be banking on at least a little more excitement this season of The Bachelorette than they were during Ben's season. But apparently, JoJo Fletcher's a little more than they bargained for -- according to OK!, JoJo's so much of a diva, she's threatened to leave the show if she doesn't get what she wants.


Honestly, this one kind of makes us laugh. Like, of course JoJo is a diva. You didn't see this one coming? Seriously??

But also, according to OK!'s sources, JoJo is getting the "diva" label for pretty low-key stuff. They said that she only accepted the Bachelorette title if the producers picked out men with qualities she wanted (tall, successful, and mostly -- but not exclusively -- brunette). She also, apparently, gave them a heads-up right off the bat that she'd quit if they gave her a bunch of loser dudes.

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Can ya blame her, though? Really? She obviously has a type, and we can't fault her for wanting a good-looking, driven man. If the producers want her to be serious about picking a husband out of the men on this show, it makes total sense that she'd want her pool to choose from to be top-shelf.

Plus, aren't we over calling people divas? I thought we all decided this shouldn't be a bad thing anymore.

What's really curious is that she allegedly wants to quit now -- after they already got her a crew of hot and successful men. We're way more interested in hearing what happened on set to push her away. She's a tough cookie, after all -- it couldn't have been just anything.

We're less than a month out now, so with any luck, we'll see soon. 


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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