Jenelle Evans's Custody War With Nathan May Have Just Taken a Turn for the Worse

If you keep up with her on social media (and through Teen Mom 2), it's obvious Jenelle Evans has been going through a lot lately, and now, she might have lost her babysitter! On April 13, Tori Rhyne was arrested for heroin and marijuana possession -- yikes! 


And before you ask, yes -- that Tori, the one Jenelle has been friends with for years and who used to be her roommate. According to Radar Online, the drugs and paraphernalia were found by police when Tori got pulled over, and needless to say that led to her arrest. 

Now's where the concern for Jenelle's kids comes in. Tori frequently babysits Kaiser when Jenelle is busy, so we wonder if this will come to play in Nathan's custody case against her. Will he use this as a reason Kaiser shouldn't be left in Jenelle's care? 

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We're not sure if Tori's arrest will have anything to do with the case Nathan is building against Jenelle, though, so we'll have to wait and see.

One thing is for sure though: This custody battle is not going to be pretty. When it comes to Jenelle and Nathan, we can't decide who we'd rather come up against. 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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