Jenelle Evans Finally Gets Some Good News in the Courtroom

Jenelle Evans has been known for her arrests in the past, but her latest legal battle seems like it's been one of her biggest -- and now, it's come to a happy ending. Jenelle was found not guilty of assaulting Nathan Griffith's girlfriend, surprisingly enough.


This whole ordeal began last year, when Jenelle allegedly threw a glass at Jessica Henry's head back in August when Jenelle and Nathan were trading off Kaiser. Since then, Jenelle has been fighting the case with her lawyer, and it's been a recent story line on this season of Teen Mom 2

Over the weekend, Jenelle announced that the verdict was not guilty, and it seems like she's already celebrating.

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It's interesting to see that the verdict ended up in Jenelle's favor, since her lawyer seemed so convinced that it wouldn't. In fact, in a recent episode, after meeting with Nathan and Jessica, Jenelle received a phone call from her lawyer urging her to offer shared custody to Nathan so they'd drop the charges. In the end, Jenelle didn't want to do that, but it seems like she was able to win without it.

Congrats on the verdict, Jenelle! Here's hoping she stays out of trouble -- for a while, anyway.


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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