'The Bachelor' Ladies Who Won the Final Rose: Where Are They Now?

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 27, 2016 TV

Over the past 20 seasons, The Bachelor has introduced us to so many interesting and amazing people, especially the ones who end up with those shiny engagement rings at the end of each season. Once the show ends, it's easy to wonder what happens to the most loved contestants. Was it true love forever? Did they actually have their dream wedding? Or did their relationships end up being more short-lived than their time on the show?

Although social media is the quickest and easiest way to keep up with everyone's current faves (and spoilers!) from each new season of The Bachelor, it wasn't always so easy to keep up with the fun and fantastic women from previous episodes. After all, it's been a very long time since season one premiered. A lot has changed since then! So what's up with all of those iconic winners of The Bachelor now?

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Unfortunately -- but perhaps predictably -- not all of the show's lucky winners are still with the Bach men who stole their hearts. Sometimes things just don't work out. But, whether they found everlasting love or just 15 exciting minutes of fame, many of them are still totally killing it. Ready for a long trip down memory lane? Here's what all of those past and present Bachelor winners are doing these days, Neil Lane ring or not.

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