Catelynn Baltierra Shows Off Her New Inspirational Tattoo (PHOTO)

Catelynn Baltierra has definitely been through a lot lately, but it seems like these days, things are finally looking up for her. And now, she has a permanent reminder to always keep moving forward. On Wednesday, Catelynn showed off her newest tattooand it's actually pretty inspiring.


Earlier this week, Catelynn finally completed treatment and headed home to be with her family again. It seems like her whole outlook on life has changed, especially if her new ink is any indication. 

So what does it say? In black ink down Catelynn's arm, it reads, "My story isn't over yet," and it's punctuated by a semicolon -- a symbol that someone's struggles with depression aren't an ending, but a pause and a new beginning.

That's right #keepmovingforward

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We love it! Not only is it going to serve as a daily reminder to Catelynn, but it's a really important message to anyone who needs it. Things do get better, and we're glad she is finally able to see that for herself. 

And according to her social media posts, it definitely seems like Catelynn's happy to be home with Nova and Tyler again. Here's hoping there are only happy days ahead for this adorable family. They deserve it!


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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