Adam Lind Shares Another Shirtless Photo Because of Course He Did

Since Adam Lind has taken on his career as a personal trainer, he's been all about building his muscles ... and then sharing them with the world. Once again, Adam has shared a shirtless photo on Instagram, and we have a feeling all that protein powder is going to his head.


In the pic, Adam's standing near his dogs, totally shirtless. The caption says he's playing with them, but it looks like he's just looking into the camera seductively. Does he just want to show off his muscles and tattoos, and the dogs are just a decoy? That's just what we think, though -- you can be the judge.

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We'll admit it: His muscles look good. But aren't there a few more important things he should be worried about, like his kids? Oh, and fixing that giant lapse in judgment he just had ...

In case you missed his latest scandal, Adam came under fire recently after last Monday's new episode of Teen Mom 2 aired. On the surface, it looks like Adam is being a good dad, but fans quickly pointed out that one of the guys who came along for the day is a registered sex offender. Yeah, not the best idea. 

Will Adam ever live up to being the dad Aubree wants him to be? Maybe not, but at least she has Cole DeBoer to look up to. Our advice to Adam in the meantime: Spend less time in the gym and more time with your kids!


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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