Leah Messer Lashes Out at 'Teen Mom' for Being Fake ... Again

We're loving this season of Teen Mom 2 so far, but certain cast members of the show aren't loving the way producers chose to edit the episodes ... and we can't blame them. Once again, Leah Messer is calling MTV out for how fake the show is, and it doesn't seem like she's backing down anytime soon!


In this week's episode, Leah was all about the idea of possibly getting back together with Jeremy. He brought Addie to see Ali in her choir concert, and from there Leah and Jeremy ended up out to dinner to talk about what went wrong in their marriage. They both got a little flirty, although alcohol was definitely involved.

But the way the show was edited made it seem like Leah's confession of her feelings for him was because she was drunk ... and that it was totally unrequited. And now, she's saying that's not the case.

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Although Leah was definitely a bit tipsy, we can totally understand what she's saying. Why would Leah be so gung ho about Jeremy if he hadn't given her a reason -- off camera, of course -- to think that he was interested in her? 

And it's not like MTV hasn't been known for tweaking story lines to make each episode take on the plot they want it to. Teen Mom 2 is all about the drama, which we love ... but it does suck when the stars end up caught in the middle.

But no matter what happens this season, we hope Leah keeps us updated on what's real and what's fake. It's interesting to know what could be going on behind the scenes!


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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