18 Need-to-Know 'Game of Thrones' Moments That Will Prep You for Season 6

Kiarra Sylvester | Apr 21, 2016 TV

Arya Stark blind

Everywhere I turn, there are billboards for Game of Thrones, driving my excitement for this Sunday, April 24 -- the season 6 premiere. Quite frankly, I've been biding my time with other shows for the past year, trying to feel the void that GoT leaves every single time it ends its season with those far-gone cliff-hangers. You can just imagine my excitement in being so close to the moment we've all been waiting for. 

Nonetheless, if you're a fan, you also know that in waiting a year for this crazy detail-oriented show to come back, there are bound to be some things you may need to be reminded of.

No worries, though. We've got you with this guide on everything you need to know before digging into the deets of the newest season.


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  • The Creation of Reek


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    Theon has been endlessly tortured by Ramsay upon his captivity. The things he had done to him were unimaginable and cringeworthy -- but in Theon being such a prick himself (burning children alive and whatnot), you can't help but feel that this is a sick karmic hell he's in -- even after Ramsay has convinced him that his name is Reek. 

    We watched conflicted as "Reek" was tortured into submission. 

  • Forming Alliances & a Plan for Revenge


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    Cersei's plan to unite with The Seven in order to bring down her potential inlaws (House Tyrell) backfires when her cousin, Lancel (a member of the Faith Militant), admits to their "unnatural relations," her adultery, and the attempted murder of her now deceased husband.

    It seems that the Lannister family has a thing for the incest.

  • The Walk of Atonement


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    After Lancel's confession, Cersei finds herself locked away by the High Sparrow and his followers, but eventually they decide that she can begin the process of forgiveness when she makes this extreme walk of shame. She's forced to chop all of her hair off, strip naked, and walk through the town while ongoers throw spit and stones at her. It's certainly a rare moment, as we feel sympathetic for the queen. 

  • Tyrion Gets Tied Up


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    After Jaime frees Tyrion from imprisonment, he spends quite some time in the "f**king box" on his journey to the unknown. Varys eventually reveals that with all of his amazing qualities, Tyrion may not be able to take the iron throne -- but he may be able to help an ambitious Daenerys do so. But, of course, Tyrion can't stay away from a good brothel, and that ultimately leads to his abduction -- so his journey to Meereen takes a detour. 

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  • The Medieval Road Trip


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    An unsuspected friendship, indeed: Jorah Mormont and Tyrion overcome the fact that Jorah has abducted Tyrion from his initial journey. Why had Jorah done so? Jorah had earlier been banned by Daenerys after she learned he had once been spying for Varys, so now he is setting out to prove himself to her -- and intends to deliver Tyrion to her. Discovering that they have similar intentions, the two men eventually find themselves in Meereen together -- warding off the Sons of the Harpy, alongside the Unsullied. Tyrion has become an adviser to Dany, while Jorah ends up saving her life.

  • Waging War on "The Masters"


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    Sons of the Harpy have been resistant to the rule of the Daenerys Targaryen -- relentless murder all over Mereen is the unfortunate result. It began with the murder of an Unsullied and turned into a murder spree/riot during the fighting pit showcase. These killings lead to the near death of Grey Worm, but he recovers and is left to look after the Unsullied.

  • Death at the Hands of Mereen Men


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    Hizdahr zo Loraq, a local in Mereen, is forced into an engagement with Daenerys because it's thought to be the only way to keep the peace after she's had one of her men executed publicly.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't live much longer -- as he's murdered in the midst of the riots. 

  • Drogon Rescues Danny


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    Drogon comes and, literally, swoops in to save the day as Queen D and her peeps are surrounded by Sons of the Harpy.

    Looks like there was no love lost, after all. Welcome back, Dro. 

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  • Next in Line for the Crown


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    After the murder of god-awful Joffrey Lannister, his younger brother Tommen has taken over the throne (under Cersei's watchful eye). Prior to Joffrey's death, it was decided that he'd marry Margaery Tyrell (instead of Sansa Stark), so naturally Tommen stepped in there, too.

    In all his naivity, he's failed to realize he was just a pawn in the Game of Thrones. 

  • New Relations


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    After Margaery Tyrell swooped in and saved the day, convincing the Lannisters that she ought to marry Joffrey, we all thought Sansa was off the hook. Hell, Tyrion may have been old, but he wasn't the devil in human form. Sansa totally escapes the House of Lannister, only to end up marrying a sociopath psycho -- Ramsay Bolton. We later watch as he rapes poor Sansa on her wedding night, forcing her brother-esque childhood friend Theon Greyjoy to watch. 

  • The Great Escape


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    After "Reek" and Ramsay's paramour find Sansa trying to escape, Reek (or Theon) finely finds himself regaining Sansa's trust by killing the girl.

    It's not long before people notice a body free-falling from the peak of the castle -- giving Theon and Sansa limited time to escape.

  • Jaime's Journey to Dorne


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    Cersei sends Jaime to get their daughter from Dorne (where she's been sent off to marry the prince) when she suspects that she may be in danger -- as Ellaria (who is back in Dorne) is still pissed about the death of her love, Oberyn. Right as Jaime and Myrcella set off to leave Dorne, Myrcella suffers from what appears to be poison -- making Cersei's biggest fear a reality.

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  • Back With a Vengeance


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    Bran has come a long way since his recovery from being pushed out of a window by Jaime. Although still crippled from the incident, he begins to tap into his powers as a Warg (someone who can control the minds of animals). As he and Jojen share the mission of finding the Three-Eyed Raven from their dream, Jojen discourages Bran from calling to Jon -- well aware that Jon won't allow him to go searching for the Raven. 

    After not seeing Bran for a year, we're excited to see what he's learned with his cool skill set. 

  • Shireen at the Stake


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    Stannis Baratheon obeys Melisandre and sacrifices his daughter (once thought to be his soft spot), Shireen, by allowing her to be burned at the stake. Her sh**ty mother (proven time and time again) steps up to defend her child for once, after flames have already been lit. 

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  • Arya's in the Dark


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    In dealing with the Jaqen H’ghar, Arya is instructed not to start scratching off names from her kill list quite yet. Strong-headed and out for blood, she does so anyway when she spots Ser Meryn Trant. Not longer after, Arya goes blind as punishment for defying the Many-Faced God. 

  • Stannis ... Stands Alone


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    After Melisandre abandons Stannis (after f*cking up his whole life with her sh*tty advising), he realizes he's lost everything he cares about on an ego-driven power trip and loses all hope -- making it all the more simple for Brienne of Tarth to take him out after they cross paths. 

  • The End of Jon Snow's Reign


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    Young Olly begins to question Jon Snow after chatter that he may not be such a great leader after all -- and far too kind. So, it's no surprise when Olly turns on him, but it is shocking to see that he's the one to bring our beloved Jon to his death, stabbing him right in the gut.

  • Sam Abandons the Night's Watch


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    Sam Tarly basically volunteers Jon Snow for the job that leads to his fatal demise, and then decides he no longer wants part of the Watch -- picking up and leaving with his Wildling girlfriend, Gilly, and her incestuously born baby. 

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