JoJo Fletcher Apparently Has a Talent for Making Men Cry

There are very few qualities we like more in a woman than the ability to make men cry, which makes the most recent Bachelorette updates from producer Mike Fleiss extra exciting -- according to his Twitter, JoJo has been showing a special talent for making men cry. And that list of men even includes, apparently, Chris Harrison.


Obviously, this is amazing. Either these men are especially weepy or JoJo is especially mean -- and either way, we're totally down for it. Here's what Fleiss said:

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Okay, so maybe the Chris Harrison part is a joke. But the rest? That we'd totally believe. We called it from the beginning -- JoJo is the kind of girl who eats her enemies for breakfast. Of course she'll feast on men who dare to show weakness in front of her.

Basically, we can't wait. JoJo may not be the sweetest or most genuine Bachelorette we've ever had, but you can't deny she's going to be a ride.


Image via joelle_fletcher/Instagram

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