Farrah Abraham Thinks She Has Real Movie Star Potential

Since the beginning of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has always made a point to have her hands in all kinds of careers, and she might already have another one in the pipeline. Apparently Farrah wants to start acting … and soon! 


Farrah hasn't said much about her future plans quite yet, but definitely hinted that something could be in the works on Instagram. In a post she made earlier this week, showing off her MTV Movie Awards look yet again on Instagram, she wrote, "can't wait to be in movies soon!" in the caption. 

Wait, what?! Farrah’s talked a lot about what she wants to do in the future -- including her hopes to give Sophia a little brother or sister through adoption -- but she hasn’t talked much about acting, especially recently.  

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But since Farrah recently made the move to LA, maybe that's a sign she's ready to break into the other side of show business. She's certainly in the right place, and now it'll be much easier for her to go on auditions than when she would have had to fly back and forth from Texas. 

And now that Sophia is super into modeling, maybe her mom is trying to find a new hobby, too? One thing is for sure: Farrah always achieves whatever she sets her mind to. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her. Maybe she'll surprise us! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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