9 Times Kimmy Schmidt Proved to Be an 'Unbreakable' New Yorker in Season 2 (GIFS)

During season one of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy moved to New York. It was wonderful and hilarious, but she was still shaking off her Midwestern roots, and we're not sure that at that point it was fair to call her a "real" New Yorker. But now season two is here, and Kimmy gets a taste of all the people, pests, and paycheck issues that New Yorkers know and love well -- and now we're proud to call her one of our own.


It's like she's pledging into our massive and mighty city-wide sorority, and we're so excited to have her. In honor of season two and all the Kimmy-isms that came with it, we're celebrating the nine moments this season where Kimmy became one of us here in NYC.

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(There are some spoilers below, but we promise they're at least funny spoilers.)

  1. Her couch turns into a guest bedroom without her ever really agreeing to it.

  2. She realizes paying rent is basically an impossibility without a roommate.

  3. She has to skip work to go to the post office.

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  4. She accidentally gentrifies her neighborhood.

  5. She watches a life-size Elmo snort cocaine.

    JUST KIDDING. If this has happened to you, please call the police!

  6. She sits through a strange performance piece because she loves her friends more than her sanity.

  7. She finds a dentist via a bus ad.

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  8. She's forced to rent her "cozy uptown 'duck' palace" on Airbnb for $$$.

  9. She accidentally dates a vegan.

  10. She learns that silverfish are ALWAYS the third wheel.


Image via Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

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