Mackenzie Douthit Is Reportedly About to Become a Single Mom of 3

You've probably heard the news that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie (Douthit) McKee is pregnant again, and she seems pretty excited to welcome another kid. There's only one problem, though -- it looks like she and her husband (aka the baby's dad) aren't together anymore! Apparently, Mackenzie and Josh have split, which makes this pregnancy a little more difficult than planned.


According to TMZ, despite the fact that Mackenzie is due September 17 with her third baby, she and Josh are broken up again. This news comes from Mackenzie herself when she chatted with the site, so it seems legit. Yikes!

And if you're a little confused, it's okay -- so are we! Just days ago, Mackenzie was tweeting about going on ice cream dates with Josh. Maybe they've been trying to work things out, but decided to divorce recently? Like, very recently? 

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She didn't tell TMZ much -- other than the fact that they're no longer living together -- and we're dying for details. What's going on?! 

If you're upset they're splitting, though, don't get too sad too soon. These two have broken up only to get back together again before, so there's a chance it's not really over. Maybe they're going through a rough patch? Time will tell. 

Either way, we have a feeling this baby is going to be adorable. Have you seen Jaxie and Gannon? It's guaranteed.


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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