Chelsea Houska's Wedding Plans Aren't Sitting Well With MTV

On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, we got to see Cole DeBoer propose to Chelsea Houska -- well, kind of. We got to hear the story and see photos, because the cameras weren't present for the proposal ... and it sounds like they won't be around for their big day, either. Reportedly, MTV is upset that they can't film Chelsea and Cole's wedding, especially since it's such an important part of her life.  


According to what Chelsea said on the aftershow that aired after the episode, MTV was unhappy when they found out the proposal didn't happen on their watch. 

Chelsea said (via Wetpaint): 

I don't think they were super happy that they missed it. They would've liked to be there. They're like, 'We're supposed to have access.' I'm like, 'I didn't know he was gonna do it!'

She does have a point. How could it have been a surprise if the camera crew knew what was up?! 

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And since their wedding won't be filmed either, MTV is missing out on all these big moments in Chelsea and Cole's relationship -- moments that are usually filmed when it comes to the couples of Teen Mom. We can't blame MTV for being upset they didn't get to capture it, because we're disappointed we didn't get to see it!

Still, it wasn't surprising to us in the slightest. Cole has always been really shy, and when they first started dating, she admitted he wasn't so sure about being on camera. But he's come around, and it's good that she's still respecting his boundaries.

And either way, we know the photos will hit Instagram sooner or later. We can't wait to see!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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