Leah Messer Left Her Cat in the Car & the Internet Totally Freaked Out

This girl can't catch a break! Leah Messer is getting slammed for animal cruelty, after Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 showed her leaving the family cat in the car. Twitter users were not happy that Leah apparently thought it was okay to crack a window for the feline while her daughter was at choir practice.


Leah was running a bit behind trying to get Ali to her choir practice, when she had to turn around and go back home to retrieve a forgotten tie. While she was inside searching and yelling, "Are you f**king kidding me right now? Why is my life so f**king horrible?" Aleeah Grace thought it would be a good idea to sneak her kitty cat into the car.

The girls were giggling like crazy while hiding their furry friend from their mom, but she failed to notice the extra passenger until she got to the church where Ali was supposed to be.

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The frazzled mom opted to leave the cat in the car, with the window down so it could breathe. The twins whined that it might get out and run away, but Leah was having none of their nonsense. Maybe they should have thought twice about sneaking the cat into the car? 

Social media users were pretty outraged though. One person said, "Can animal services go & get Leah's cat?? ... It should be against the law for her & Jenelle to have animals & babies."

Another follower wrote, "My heart is breaking for that cat! I feel like I need to go on a rescue mission ... Leah never has her s**t together! Late ... again. Chaos ... cat in the car! This is why Corey doesn't trust you!!"

Of course this scene happened on the heels of Leah losing full custody of her daughters to their dad, Corey Simms, because she was allegedly consistently tardy with getting her kids to school.

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I fully admit that I was freaked out watching the episode while Leah unknowingly transported the family pet. I already get hives at the idea of being late anywhere, so thinking that she'd have to turn the car around again and be even later was basically giving me a hernia.

When she got to the church and found the kitty, I was actually pretty impressed that she kept her cool as much as she did with the girls. There would have been a lot more yelling if that were me, is all I'm saying. I started giving her the side-eye when she left the cat in the car with a cracked window, but given the circumstances, I think she did the best thing she could do.

It wasn't a super hot or cold day, it couldn't have been for more than an hour (especially considering how late she was), and if the cat got out ... I'm sure survival instincts would have kicked in. It's not like stray cats are a thing or anything. Insert eye roll here.

I think Leah did the best she could in the circumstances. And for the record, the cat was totally fine.


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