Adam Lind Exposed His Daughters to a Registered Sex Offender

Just ... wow. After making multiple complaints that Chelsea Houska won't budge on the custody situation, Adam Lind has exposed his daughters to a sex offender. We're pretty sure that was a terrible, terrible decision on Adam's part.


On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Adam took Aubree and Paislee (his daughter with ex Taylor Halbur) to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park. While the girls played, he bitched to two friends that Chels is being totally unreasonable about allowing him more custody with Aubs.

Currently, Adam only has supervised visitation with his 6-year-old daughter, under the watchful eyes of his parents. It's unclear if they were at the trampoline park with them, but perhaps the MTV camera crew counts?

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Anyway, fans were quick to point out on Twitter that one of the guys Adam was cavorting with is actually a registered sex offender. Twenty-six-year-old Bruce William Crawford was charged with indecent exposure in 2008, the same year he was arrested for driving without a license.

But wait -- there's (sadly) more. In March 2016 -- after this scene was filmed -- Crawford was arrested for allegedly "showing an inappropriate photo on his phone to a teenage girl." He was taken into custody in Sioux Falls and charged with a felony for sexual exploitation of a minor, and a misdemeanor for distributing harmful materials to a minor.

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And this guy apparently also has his own daughter, whom we greatly hope he doesn't have custody of.

Thankfully, Chels and her awesome dad, Randy Houska, have become aware of the situation, and are totally "on it."

Even Taylor took some time to respond (and hopefully is rethinking letting Paislee spend unsupervised time with her dad).

Look, everyone makes mistakes. But this is a registered sex offender with charges involving minors. Adam needs a crash course in Parenting 101, because it is not cool to expose your two gorgeous young daughters to registered sex offenders. 

Seriously, seriously not cool, Adam. 


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