Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert Go Out on a Dinner Date -- Huh? (VIDEO)

Is romance in the air for Adalynn's parents?! Could be! In a new clip from next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer go on a dinner date, and things definitely turn a little flirty. 


And before you ask, the answer is no, Adalynn was not there! These two are hanging out on their own ... and acting very much not like divorced people. In the clip, Leah and Jeremy are out to dinner. There's food and booze involved, so it looks like a date to us!

The one giveaway that it's not: They talk about their marriage ... and everything that went wrong. 

"You are the one person I thought -- I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else," Leah admits. "I'm telling you." 

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Later in the conversation, the former couple talks about how things went down, and both of them admit they could have done things differently. Leah was in a bad place, and Jeremy didn't try as hard as he could have to save their marriage. And by the end of the clip, Leah's tearing up! 

We have to agree with them, guys. When things were good, they had a great marriage ... but when it all started to go downhill, it seemed like they both threw in the towel really early. Maybe this clip is proof that there's a chance of reconciliation in the future?! You know, if things don't work out with Jeremy's girlfriend, Brooke Wehr. 

Even if there isn't, it's great to see these two getting along. Adalynn deserves two parents who can be friends, and it looks like she's definitely got it! 


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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