Adam Lind Under Fire for Letting His Young Daughters Play in a Hot Tub

Another day, another bad parenting decision from Adam Lind, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska's ex and Aubree's dad. While spending time with his daughters (Lind also has a daughter Paislee with ex Taylor Halbur) this weekend, Adam let Aubree and Paislee use a hot tub, and he's already recieving tons of backlash for it.


If you follow Adam on Instagram, you've probably already seen the photos, which show him playing with 6-year-old Aubree and toddler Paislee in a hot tub and pool. The girls seem happy and safe -- Aubree is even wearing a pink life jacket -- but commenters on the photos aren't impressed. 

Hot tub to warm up from the cold pool !

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What's the deal? Apparently, hot tubs can damage the reproductive systems of little ones, affecting their fertility later in life because of the high temperatures -- at least, according to the outraged people who are slamming Adam for his decision.

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People are pretty angry, and we can't decide where we stand on this issue. Okay, so Adam has never been known for making the best choices as a parent, but is this a battle worth fighting? The kids look happy, and since it seems like spending time with their dad is a rare thing, maybe we should just let it go for now. 

But if it really is unsafe for the girls to be in the hot tub, hopefully Adam figures it out and makes a better choice next time. And if not? We're sure mama bear Chelsea will be all over it! 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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