Kaitlyn Bristowe Gives an Update on the Status of Her Relationship With Shawn

If you're keeping up with the gossip mags, you know there's been talk about a Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth breakup. And honestly, it kind of makes sense -- the two have been engaged for a while, and it's unusual for Bachelor couples to sit so long on a relationship without making moves. But Kaitlyn has something to say about that, and in true Kaitlyn style, it's funny, to the point, and more than a little harsh.


And, of course, she tweeted it. What else is a modern gal to do?

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It sounds to us like she means business, and we can't blame her -- if there's one thing gossip mags love more than anything else, it's breaking people up in spirit before the couple can do the actual deed themselves.

Of course, Kaitlyn and Shawn have been dealing with breakup rumors since they finished up with The Bachelor, and you think they'd be used to it. At this point, we honestly thought they'd be bonding over some of the nastier stuff going around, but we guess it would get old after a while. 

There's no denying these two had a strong connection from day one, and to us, that says something. Yes, it's reality television, and yes, they're making an absurd amount of money off each other. But who says there's not love in that, too?

We believe in these two. What can we say?


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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