Javi Marroquin Apologizes for Blaming Kailyn Lowry for Their Miscarriage

Pass the Kleenex! Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 was a total emotional doozy, as all four ladies dealt with some pretty major issues. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got engaged, Leah Messer dealt with ongoing custody drama with Corey Simms, Jenelle Evans faced the music about her assault case with Nathan Griffith's girlfriend, and Kailyn Lowry finally opened up about her miscarriage. What did I say about the Kleenex?



First, some good news. After news that the house they put an offer in on fell through, Chelsea was feeling pretty upset. But it turns out that Cole was just as committed as ever, and planned an elaborate proposal that included a walk in the woods, tons of photographs of them tied to branches, and Aubree too!

Chels told her mom after the fact (which MTV did not film, by the way -- they kept it between them) "He even asked [Aubree] ... He was like, 'Is it okay if I marry your mommy?' I was very emotional." We were emotional just watching, Chelsea!

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Then there was Jenelle Evans, who finally had to deal with her court case involving Jessica Henry. She fully admitted to throwing a glass of water at her ex-fiancé's new girlfriend's head, and the assault charges could potentially keep her from ever getting a job in the medical field. 

Jenelle didn't go to the hearing, but she got some upsetting news when her lawyer called her about the outcome. When her attorney called her, she tried to make Jenelle understand the importance of making a deal for Nate to see their son Kaiser, in light of the circumstances. "They've got you red-handed, and you admit to everything you did, and there's no defense to it," she explained. "And that's assault battery, third degree."

The North Carolina native ended up hanging up on her lawyer and crying to her current boyfriend David Eason about how unfair everything is. Kind of see her point, but also maybe she shouldn't throw things at people she doesn't like.

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And then there was Leah Messer, who has been devastated in recent episodes after losing primary custody of her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah Grace. When her ex-husband welcomed a new daughter several weeks early with his wife Miranda Simms, Leah offered to step up to the plate and help out with the twins more, but he refused and sent her into an emotion tailspin.

"Wouldn't it be easier to allow the mother of your children to take them?" Leah lamented to a friend, and we can't say we blame her for having the sentiment. She also wondered if Corey's reluctance to let the girls be with her was a control issue.

In the most gut-wrenching story line of the night, Kailyn finally opened up on camera about her recent miscarriage, and how she and Javi actually separated for a time to cope with all the emotions of it. It turns out that the pregnancy was completely planned, and they lost the baby just before they found out that Javi was about to be deployed for six months.

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Kail felt like he wasn't supportive of her at all through the ordeal, and she visited a friend in New Mexico while Javi jetted to California. She told her friend, "We had planned the baby down to a science ... We didn't tell anyone we were pregnant. We were gonna announce on our Christmas cards."

When she and Javi finally reconnected, he told her, "I knew it was no one's fault -- it wasn't your fault, and it wasn't my fault. But it's crazy -- it's like I needed someone to blame."

He continued, "That was part of the reason why me and you were fighting so much right after the miscarriage. I needed to blame somebody, and I was taking it out on you. I'm sorry for being mean to you when it all happened ... In my head, I'm thinking, 'She shouldn't have went to the gym, she shouldn't have gone to jiu jitsu,' or stuff like that. Even though I know it had nothing to do with that."

Break. Our. Hearts. Already! Kail of course became overwhelmed hearing all of this, and it seems like everything was beginning to get better. Let's hope so. It's going to be a long six months while Javi is gone.


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