Looks Like Luke Is Still Lorelai's Bae & 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Are All For It

Lorelai and Luke, Gilmore Girls

We've all been wondering about the happenings of Stars Hollow -- hell, it's safe to say that even before the reboot was announced, we wondered what had become of the small-town folks as they gathered to send Rory off to trail the Obama campaign. Of course, the one question fans were dying to have answered pertained to relationships -- from Rory's love woes to Lorelai and Luke's impending coupling. What could we expect?! Did they finally get married? Did Lorelai pull a typical self-sabotage move? Fortunately, the closer we get to the reboot, the more insight we're getting as to what's in store. And, indeed, it appears that we can anticipate "Loruke" (yes, I'm making it a thing) still being an item.  


For those of us who were personally invested in Lorelai's love life, this was the win we waited many moons for.

Gilmore Girls Netflix series

Watching Lorelai (Lauren Graham) navigate her relationships over the course of seven seasons was nothing short of cringeworthy. However, I like to think that it attests to how real and relatable her character is. Which is why however annoying she may have been, I still found myself wanting her to find happiness and couldn't possibly stand to watch as she sabotaged yet another relationship, with Luke (Scott Patterson), a seemingly great guy. 

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No, I'm absolutely not implying that she (or any other woman) should stay in a relationship for s***s and giggles, but oftentimes she began relationships or ended them for reasons we didn't necessarily agree with. Oftentimes it was Lorelai breaking hearts and I found myself wishing she could've been more responsible in how she dealt with her relationships, overall. 

But in the end, as things came full circle, I grew to understand her and her (sometimes) disagreeable actions when it came to matters of the heart. Lorelai was a real woman; she was a little bit of all of us when it came to love -- sexy, crazy, indecisive, hopeful, desperate, and sometimes hopeless. 

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So when Gilmore Girls ended, and she and Luke were on the mend -- I let out a sigh of relief that I was able to imagine their happily ever after and that we all finally got our happy ending. And despite the reboot's stirring up old concerns for many, these new photos are confirmation of what we've all been hoping for. It feels like we've all won the heart of Luke Danes. 


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