Farrah Abraham Is Moving to LA in Search of Greener Pastures

Since we've known her on Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has made more than a few decisions that have had us scratching our heads. But her latest big choice is something Farrah is ready to defend ... and we can't disagree with her. Recently, Farrah explained her decision to move to LA, and it sounds like it was the best option for her and Sophia's future.


When People caught up with Farrah on the red carpet at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, the reality star revealed that she's moving to LA on Monday, and that she already found a house and everything. And by all accounts, it sounds like she's so excited to start this chapter of her life.

But what about Sophia? Won't she miss her friends? Is it the best idea to take her away from the people she loves and everything she's known? According to Farrah, this decision was the best thing for her daughter, too. As she explained to the mag: 

I really felt like for my personal life –- to see my daughter happy at the beach and we can do so many other things while we're here, so to be closer to the beach is a big deal for us right now. 

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So yeah, Sophia will have to go to a new school, but who can beat going to the beach whenever she wants?! Farrah added that she's excited to see where the move takes Sophia's modeling career, too -- being in LA will be a definite benefit. 

And you know what that means: Get ready for even more photos of Farrah in a bikini than we thought were humanly possible. If you thought her Instagram already provided enough of those, we have a feeling it won't even hold a candle to her next set of adventures in her new home state!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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