The 5 Stages of Grief You Go Through When You Say Goodbye to Your Favorite TV Show (GIFS)

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Television is a different experience for everyone. For some, it's like forbidden fruit; for others, it's a getaway. I'm in the latter camp. For me, I have a breakdown of TV time that includes mind-numbing ridiculousness that makes no sense, and then the more intense TV that has a thickening plot -- the TV that genuinely keeps you wanting more because you begin to build a relationship with the characters. 


Yes, if you're into TV and always looking for your next show to binge on, then you're well aware of just how attached you can grow to a show with a good plot. You're aware of how invested you become in its relationships and in its individuals, as if they belong to you. And, of course, the longer the run, the stronger the bond.  

So, when it ends, it feels like the ultimate betrayal. It feels as if the characters have abandoned you. And that's just not right. Moreover, here's a list of the emotions you go through -- and if they look like the five stages of grief, that's because they totally are. 

Frankly, this is an ode of sorts to all the shows that have left us, and all the ones tragically coming to an end. 

1. Denial 

Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I google searched, "Is Desperate Housewives season 8 really the last -- like really, really?"

2. Anger

What the f*ck kind of cruel being would do this? You're out of line, here. 

3. Bargaining (begging)

At this point I tend to become a creeper -- mentioning them on Twitter every hour on the hour, begging the show creators to keep my series running. Do you think you can transition this show to another network (that's clearly the problem)?

Damn it, you're totally out to ruin my life. 

4. Depression/crippling sadness (yes, really)

After finally coming down from the peak of my emotions, I realize this sh*t is really going down. As the show approaches the last few episodes, I prepare for waterworks, because I cry real tears for real heartbreak. (TBH, I still cry when I get to the last episode of Desperate Housewives.) 

5. Acceptance

And at the point of acceptance, I do the best that I can to say goodbye and find a new show that knows me and my needs the way this show does.

But the truth is: Nothing ever fills that void -- not quite the same. 

While you learn that shows come and shows go, there's always that sense of nostalgia as you remember the good old days via Hulu and Netflix. There will always be ones that captures your heart, the ones that linger in the back of your mind until the end of time -- forever as part of your being. 


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