Kailyn Lowry Admits She Would 'Fall Apart' Without Javi Marroquin

Heartbreak city on Teen Mom 2 this week! On Sunday night's episode, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer all had personal setbacks to overcome, but all things considered, the young moms handled themselves well.


Chelsea Houska and her man Cole DeBoer made a major move for their future when they put in an offer for a house together. Chels said that it was exactly the home that they had both dreamed for, and even though they'd only been dating a year when this episode was filmed, they were ready to take the plunge.

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Unfortunately, they heard from their Realtor that another buyer had put in a cash offer, which of course the seller accepted. Even though their potential move fell through, it was so sweet to see that Chels has a man who is on board with making plans for a future. There was even a super sweet moment when Cole mentioned having a wedding in the backyard. Swoon.

Over in Jenelle Evans's neck of the woods, she and her mom Barbara Evans were at odds again over custody of Jace. Jenelle signed over full custody of her son to her mom when she was a reckless teenager, but ever since she got her life cleaned up, she's been battling to spend more time with him, and even regain custody. 

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Babs clearly overstepped her boundaries when she tried to get Jace to admit that he didn't want to go over to his mom's house anymore, but this 6-year-old wasn't having it. He said he liked going to his mom's house, and didn't want Barbara to keep him away from there. 

Leah Messer was dealing with some custody issues of her own, as her ex Corey Simms recently gained primary custody of their twins, Ali and Aleeah Grace. There was a heartbreaking moment when Leah picked them up after not seeing them all week, and they both acted out, and finally confessed that they missed her. 

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Leah was also in the process of trying to get 50/50 custody through the court, which Corey said was all he wanted from the beginning. Since this was filmed, they've both said they're happy with the current custody situation, so it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out this season.

Ugh, and then there was the most heartbreaking moment from the episode, after Javi Marroquin found out that he'd be deployed overseas for up to six month for the first time since he and Kail had Lincoln. They decided to tell Isaac (Kailyn's 6-year-old son with Jo Rivera) sooner rather than later, and when the little guy started crying that he'd miss Javi, I can't say we didn't tear up here too.

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It looks like it may be a rough one for Kailyn, as she reminded anyone listening several times that it's the first time she'll be alone with her two boys, and she's living away from family now. She confessed to Javi, "It hasn't sunk in for me yet. It's not happening ... I may or may not fall apart."

Poor Kail! We know things have been rough between her and her hubby, and since this episode was filmed, plenty of rumors have been floating around about the state of their marriage. We just can't imagine that any of them are true after seeing the scene on Teen Mom 2 tonight.


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