15 Times Jenelle Evans Was a Rock Star Mom

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 13, 2016 TV
15 Times Jenelle Evans Was a Rock Star Mom

When it comes to Jenelle Evans, the Teen Mom 2 star is often criticized for her parenting skills. But let's not forget that she's come a long way since we first met her on 16 & Pregnant, and these days, we have to admit she's an awesome mom! 

Two kids later, it's obvious that Jenelle has learned from the mistakes she made when she was younger, and no one could ever doubt how much she loves her sons. She's overcome so many obstacles in her past, and it's all a part of what makes her such a great mom today. Here are some of Jenelle's best moments. Jace and Kaiser are two lucky kids!


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  • When She Took Kaiser & Jace to the Zoo


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    As busy as Jenelle gets with her career and her life, she always makes sure to plan special outings with her little ones. And from the looks of this photo, it seems like they're loving spending that kind of time with their mom!

  • When Jenelle Gave Barbara Custody of Jace


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    Going all the way back to the beginning of Teen Mom 2, it was pretty mature of Jenelle to hand custody over to her mom. She knew she wasn't in the right place to raise Jace in the way he deserved, so she did what she needed to in order to make sure he'd be taken care of 'til she was ready.

  • When She Took Kaiser on an Easter Egg Hunt


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    Recently, Jenelle helped Kai out with an Easter egg hunt to celebrate the holiday. These are exactly the kind of memories and photos he'll love looking back on later! 

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  • When She Went to Rehab


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    It may not have helped her change her ways completely, but when Jenelle decided to go to rehab in the early seasons of Teen Mom 2, it was the right first step to getting in the best shape to take care of her little ones, and since then it seems like she's learned a lot of ways to cope.

  • When She Quit Smoking Pot Forever


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    Jenelle used to be a huge fan of smoking weed, but then she realized it was taking over her life. As of a couple of years ago, Jenelle says she quit smoking completely -- and even though some fans may not believe her, if it's true, that's setting an awesome example for Jace and Kaiser.

  • Every Time She Dedicates All Her Attention to Her Kids


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    Since Jenelle still doesn't have full custody of Jace, her time with him is limited. But you can bet that the time she does get to spend with him, her focus is on Jace 100 percent. Don't believe us? Watch Teen Mom 2 and see proof almost every episode! 

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  • Fighting to Get Custody of Jace Back


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    Now that Jenelle is prepared to give Jace the care he needs, she's fighting her mom, Barbara, for custody of him. Putting herself through this kind of legal battle has to be expensive and exhausting, but Jace is obviously very loved by his mom.

  • Every Time She Called the Cops on Nathan Griffith


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    Things got super dramatic when she and Nathan were still together, but she never hesitated to call the police when he got aggressive and violent with her. Way to protect Kai!

  • She's Not Afraid of a Little Mess


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    As nice as it is to have a clean house, kids are gonna be kids, and Jenelle has no problem with that! 

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  • She Never Stops Trying to Get Along With Barbara


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    Jenelle and her mother may never see eye to eye, but instead of cutting her out of her life, Jenelle always makes an effort to get along with her. By doing this, she gets to keep Jace in her life -- and she gets to give Kaiser time with his grandma.

  • When She Broke Up With Nathan Griffith


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    Not only was Jenelle's relationship with Nathan Griffith bad for her, but seeing the two of them argue constantly couldn't have been healthy for Jace and Kaiser, either. Now Nathan is in the past, and Jenelle seems to be a better mom for it! 

  • Taking the Kids on Vacation


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    Every time we turn around, Jenelle Evans is jetting off on another fun trip, but we have to give her credit for almost always including her kids. Because of her, Kaiser and Jace get to have all kinds of awesome experiences!

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  • When She Turned Down a Sex Tape Deal


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    The money must have been tempting, but not too long ago, Jenelle turned down a sex tape deal that could have given her a cool $1.5 million in the bank, and it was all because she wanted her kids to respect her. We give her props!

  • When She Graduated College


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    It may have taken her a while, but Jenelle finally received her diploma last summer -- no easy task for a busy mom of two! Way to go! 

  • When She Laid Down Tough Rules for Nathan


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    Jenelle and Nathan might not be together anymore, but he'll always be a part of her life because they share a son. But that doesn't mean Jenelle is about to let him take Kaiser and do whatever he wants. Nope, apparently, she keeps strict rules for Nathan when it comes to their baby boy -- smart girl. 

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