Farrah Abraham's Throwback Pic Looks So Much Like Sophia It's Crazy

Talk about a Mini Me! Farrah Abraham recently posted a throwback side-by-side photo of herself and her daughter Sophia, and pretty much proved that she just cloned herself. The fact that they're both wearing hula girl outfits only adds to the spot-on resemblance.


Farrah got a lot of flack recently for posting a photo on Instagram from her Hawaiian vacation of her 7-year-old daughter in a coconut bra top and grass skirt. But since she cares exactly zero percent what you think of her, she added yet another, and cropped it next to a photo of herself at the same age in a similar costume.

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Twinsies! Isn't it crazy how much they look like the exact same person?

And for those getting their panties in a twist about a coconut bra being inappropriate attire for a little girl -- get over it. Farrah has definitely made some seriously questionable parenting choices in the past (remember when she waxed Sophia's eyebrows as a toddler?), but this is probably one of the most normal things she's done.

No little girl's Hawaiian vacation would be complete without a hulu girl costume, complete with coconut bra.


Image via farrah_abraham/Instagram

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