Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Make Another Big Relationship Move

Since Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got engaged a few months ago, we've been excited that they've decided to spend the rest of their lives together. And now, their commitment to each other is getting even more serious: On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and Cole are buying a house together, and they seem pretty excited about it. 


In the video, Chelsea's friend Britnee is over, and they break the news: They've put it an offer on a house! Although Chelsea mentions she never planned on moving out of her current house, they found one that they really like and want to go for it. 

And how does Aubree feel about it? They're not sure, since they don't want to tell her until the details are final. Smart move -- wouldn't want her to fall in love with the house and get her hopes up, since offers don't work out all the time.

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Buying a house with someone is a big step, but it seems like Chelsea and Cole are ready for it. Their relationship has been pretty solid since day one -- a pleasant change from the way Chelsea was treated by Aubree's dad, Adam Lind. 

So what does the house look like? The clip didn't show the images very clearly, but we do know it has a lot of trees. Good thing, since we have a feeling Aubree would love an awesome yard to play in. And so would their pig! 

We can't wait to see the house they chose. Maybe that'll tide us over until their wedding later this year! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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