Melissa McCarthy's 'Gilmore Girls' Return Is What Fans Need to Say Goodbye to Sookie


Melissa McCarthy, Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans have been frothing at the mouth and anxiously analyzing every potential detail of the new series since the announcement of a Netflix revival was made -- from Rory's love life to who would still remain in the little quaint town of Stars Hollow. The one element that was missing, though, was Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as Sookie. Even show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino assumed McCarthy wouldn't be available (plus, her reps apparently said so). But now, after a bit of back and forth on the details, it was ultimately decided that Melissa McCarthy is returning to Gilmore Girls!


Yes, perk up, Gillys! Melissa McCarthy went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show announcing that she had just hashed out the details and will definitely be returning for the revival. 

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Of course, she truly is a busy lady, so her role in the new series will be short. However, as we've seen throughout the history of television and killing characters off, the story line sometimes gets shot to hell when the character isn't available to properly give closure to his or her role and to the audience. Fans were going insane trying to figure out if Sookie's absence could be explained in a way that truly tied up all loose ends -- without her.

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And really, what more can we ask for? Isn't closure all that any of us really wants out of life so that we're able to cope?

So thank you, Melissa and Amy, for making this happen despite all the passive-aggressive drama -- honestly, you had viewers stressed at the mere thought of Sookie not making an appearance -- and now, you've given us the life we need to carry on anxiously over other details. 


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