Ben Higgins Said 'No' to 'Dancing With the Stars' All Because of Lauren Bushnell

There's a long history of Bachelors and Bachelorettes joining Dancing With the Stars after their tenure on The Bachelor, but this year, Ben Higgins opted out. At first, we didn't know why. But now reports are saying that the way he looked at it, Ben was choosing Lauren Bushnell over a stranger on DWTS


We're like, "... duh," but surprisingly, not many Bachelor couples seem to understand that moving to a new city for a new reality show and a new, equally sexy woman isn't too good for a new relationship that started with one person dating 25 other people. We're not sure how they don't understand this, but they really, really don't.

Maybe Chris Soules was the example recent Bachelor couples needed -- I mean, even if the rumors that his relationship with his DWTS partner, Witney Carson, broke up his relationship with his Bachelor partner, Whitney Bischoff, aren't true, the fact that they exist should be indicative enough of what a run on DWTS can do.

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Still, even though we don't know exactly how much Bachelors and Bachelorettes can make off Dancing with the Stars, we know it's a lot. And if they do plan on giving up their careers to be in the spotlight 4 lyfe, it makes sense that they want the face time -- AND the money up front.

But, from the sound of it, Ben and Lauren are heading back to the pre-show jobs, pre-show homes, and pre-show lives ... just with the addition of each other. Ben wanted to spend time with his fiancé, and that makes total sense to us -- from everything we've seen, they're still totally nuts for each other. And apparently to them, that's more important than money, face time, or free products. So far.

We knew we liked them for a reason.


Image via lauren_bushnell/Instagram

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