Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Are Sure Doing a Great Acting Job for a Couple Who's 'Breaking Up'

It's only been a few weeks since Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell made things official on live TV, and honestly, if they broke up now, they would have lasted longer than the average Bachelor couple. But as much as the gossip mags are hinting at another Bachelor breakup, this time, we just don't think it's true.


Yes, re-watching Ben's season as the Bachelor must have been tough on the two of them, but look: These two take the cutest freakin' photos, and their love is obviously pure and true. You just can't expect a software salesman and a flight attendant to be able to fake this stuff:


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Can't wait to eat grilled cheese forever with this man. �

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Date night for Easter with both the Bushnells and Higgins

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It's true that we're at the point post-Bachelor where the new couples do everything in their power (i.e., take to Instagram and Snapchat) to convince us that they're happy and everything is totally, definitely fine.

But something about these two makes that easy to believe. Maybe it's their extremely hot faces or natural chemistry, but whatever the reason, we think this time, they'll make it.


Image via lauren_bushnell/Instagram

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