Fans Freak Out After Farrah Abraham Dresses Sophia in a Coconut Bra Top (PHOTO)


Is it just us, or is Farrah Abraham literally always on vacation? Not that we're judging or anything -- just totally jealous! Her latest expedition is to Hawaii with Sophia, and the photos she's sharing from her trip are already stirring up controversy. On vacay, Farrah let Sophia wear a coconut bra, and fans are freaking out! 


There have been plenty of times where we've disagreed with Farrah's parenting choices, but we're willing to cut her a little slack here. When in Hawaii, wear a coconut bra -- duh! It goes with her grass skirt, so it's a no-brainer. Plus, the photo is definitely more cute than scandalous.

That hasn't stopped fans from commenting about how inappropriate her outfit choice is ... and that they're surprised she doesn't have another shirt on underneath the bra. Of course, a lot of moms would have chosen to put the coconut bra over a T-shirt, but ... Farrah is not most moms. 

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And coconut bra incident aside, by all accounts it looks like Farrah and Sophia are having an amazing time in Hawaii. They're logging plenty of time on the beach, went to a luau, and went to a polo match, too. 

Plus, here's a shocker: Her parents are there! Even though Farrah doesn't get along with them most of the time, it's nice that they've having a family vacation together. Maybe this trip will help mend their relationships? Probably not, but we can dream!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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