Heartbreaking 'Teen Mom 2' Clip Shows Leah Messer's Girls Struggling With Her Absence (VIDEO)

It's no secret that Leah Messer's custody battle with Corey Simms has been really painful for her, but she's not the only one who suffers -- her twins do, too. In a new clip from next week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah's girls say they miss her, and it's heartbreaking to hear.


If you've been following along, you know the new arrangement is that Corey gets to keep the girls during the week, while Leah has them on the weekends. It's a total flip from the way their custody worked before, and it seems like it's definitely been an adjustment for the whole family.

In the clip, Leah picks the girls up from school, and Gracie's in a pretty bad mood. It comes out that Ali has been telling Corey that Leah gets them to school late, which Leah says isn't true, and then, Gracie admits that her bad mood is really because she misses Leah.

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It's such a heartbreaking moment, but it's also really sweet. Leah's daughters obviously love her a lot! And it sounds like Leah isn't the only one who's unhappy with the new custody arrangement.

We have a feeling more moments like this are to come on Teen Mom 2 this season. Better watch with a box of tissues nearby -- when Leah's girls cry, we cry, too!


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