How Much Are the 'Teen Mom' Stars Really Worth? Here's the Scoop

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 6, 2016 TV

In the history of Teen Mom -- and its spin-offs -- we've seen the moms struggle, especially when it comes to money. But let's not forget that filming the show does come with a pretty nice paycheck, and these days, these mamas are hurting a little less for cash. In exchange for some green, all these young mothers had to do was let their personal (and their adorable babies') lives be broadcast on television for all to see, which, you know, isn't always the greatest thing.

Regardless, if you've ever wondered exactly how much money these reality show stars are making, today is your lucky day! Flip through the slides to see the net worth of the stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Most of the young moms aren't exactly millionaires, but they definitely aren't trying to scrimp and save up their bank account balances in order to give their babies the best life possible anymore. Although we're not entirely sure the paycheck is worth having all your grievances out for everyone to see, it must be nice -- at least for the babies! 

My, how being on television can just really change things for some people ... 

Anyway, continue on to see how much being on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 has really changed these ladies' lives -- and by that, we mean bank account. 

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