'Game of Thrones' Is Basically the 2016 Presidential Race -- Only Better

Game of Thrones, Khaleesi

Politically speaking, there's not a lot that Americans can agree on -- which is especially evident now that we're searching for the next promising presidential candidate. Views and party loyalty are subject to scrutiny anywhere you look. But there is apparently one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree upon. In fact, with a little Google Trends research, Mic.com managed to find something that might actually even bring us all together.


Television! But, more specifically -- Game of Thrones. The site looked at search trends from March 24–31, correlating people's candidate-googling habits with the television shows they are most interested in. And GoT was one of the few shows that people had in common -- whether they were searching for Bernie, Hillary, or (dare I say) Trump.

So why was this the show of all shows? It's simple: GoT is the truth (literally) -- there are so many connections between the current candidates and the characters on the show in general, it's ridic.

Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself -- Daenerys and Bernie are more similar that you ever imagined.  

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For Those Who Are Looking for Reasons to Say #ImWithHer

We've got a badass leading lady on GoT who was part of one of the tightest alliances ever -- proving to be one of the best power couples that Game of Thrones politics has seen.

... and yet she never allowed the roadblocks in her marriage to get to her ... well, not publicly, at least.

In watching Ygritte tell Jon Snow that he knows nothing -- we feel like we're basically witnessing how a future debate will go down amongst two extremely different opponents down the line. (Hill vs. Trump, anyone?)

(Perhaps Jon will be reincarnated as Don Snow -- just a thought.)

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And without hesitation, we've got the wisdom of characters who know what can happen when the people elect arrogance and foolery over experience. 

For Those Who Might Be #FeelinTheBern

We've got an underdog on GoT who, despite rising to power, continues to fight for what she believes in -- and the people. 


And we've got characters who totally get how unjust immigration laws are -- especially when it involves building walls

Who doesn't love a selfless yet fierce leader -- someone who serves a cause greater than himself/herself, remaining humble and determined? It's hard to do, right?

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For Those Who Always Need to Trump the Competition

It's all about making whatever it is you want "great again" by any means necessary -- in Westeros or in Donald Trump world.

Some characters are seemingly cutthroat and cold, doing whatever the hell they please to get out ahead -- whether it's about taking the throne or their other affairs.

And still there are others who embrace certain sexist, cavemen views against women.

Oh, and the show probably makes Trump's disgusting comments about his daughter Ivanka sound less crazy by comparison, with the weird sh*t Cersei and Jaime have going on. 

So you see? While we may not want to be near each other come election day as we reel in our seats, awaiting the results, we damn sure can get together for a GoT watch party to kick off the priemere on April 24. 


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