Nathan Griffith Is Finally Being Forced to Pay Up to Jenelle Evans

Remember when Nathan Griffith was arrested in February for allegedly stealing Jenelle Evans's car? She eventually got it back, but apparently Nate kept $1,000 worth of baby clothes and other personal belongings, so Jenelle had him charged for larceny.


The two finally had their day in court recently, and a judge ordered Kaiser's dad to pay up -- at least part of what Jenelle claimed he stole. The case has officially been dismissed, after the Teen Mom 2 star agreed to let Nate pay her $300 for the clothes he took from her car. A source told Radar Online that the charges will be dropped as soon as he pays up.

"Nathan paid $200 already and has a week to pay the other $100," the insider added. Apparently, Jenelle was not happy about the outcome, and "isn't sure why she agreed to that."

Probably because she just doesn't want to deal with him more than she has to? Because she knew she'd never get more out of him? So that he will be lenient when she faces her charges from the time she threw a glass of water at his girlfriend Jessica Henry's head? Maybe all of those things. 

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Nate's attorney Megan Milliken told Radar after Monday's hearing, "They went to mediation today and the state will be filing a dismissal in court ... Any day one of my clients gets a dismissal is great day ... We are happy with the outcome."

Well, Jenelle might not be pleased with how it went down, but at least that's settled and over. Hopefully these two can learn to play nice at some point.


Image via MTV

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