Jeremy Calvert Goes on a Twitter Tirade Against 'Teen Mom 2'

Lately, the stars of Teen Mom have been all about pointing out what's wrong with the series, especially when the show's editing portrays events differently than they played out in real life. But that's not the only thing they're complaining about! This week, Jeremy Calvert called out rude fans on Twitter, and it sounds like he's pretty tired of being criticized for his decisions. 


In a rant he posted on Monday, Jeremy pointed out in no uncertain terms that the feedback he's gotten on social media from the show hasn't been kind ... and don't worry, plenty of F-bombs were dropped in the process. He's pretty mad, y'all. And he added in his two cents about how reality differs from what's seen on the show, too. 

Here are his tweets: 

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And wait -- there's more! Jeremy also shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend, Brooke, out to dinner with Corey and Miranda Simms, something that many of his followers disapproved of because of the fact that it could hurt Leah's feelings. 

But regardless of how Leah would feel about her exes spending time together, Jeremy's over it. He's even started responding to specific tweets he's received, and watch out -- he's out for blood!

We hope Jeremy finds his chill soon ... for his own well-being. Haters gonna hate, but they'll hate even more when you acknowledge them!


Image via jeremylcavert505/Instagram

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