Another Ex-'Bachelorette' Hunk Wants to Join JoJo Fletcher's Season


Another day, another ex-Bachelor star who thinks JoJo's cute enough to be his ticket back into reality fame. Last time, it was Juan Pablo Galavis, which would have been bad enough. This time, it's Josh Murray who wants a chance with JoJo, and we can all agree that'd be a disaster.


On April 1, Josh tweeted this:

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This is literally so vague, it could have been about anything. Except we all know the rose emoji is reserved exclusively for Bachelor-related chat, and he is single again, so ...

We got to deliberate for a solid four hours before Josh followed up with this:

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Ah. So it's just another April Fools' joke, albeit a particularly cruel one. We can't decide if JoJo and Josh would be perfect or if they'd destroy each other in front of 25 drooling men.

We'll never know!


Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

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