Chelsea Houska Consults a Lawyer After Adam Lind Posts 'Inappropriate' Pic of Aubree on Social Media

Wow, talk about about everyone getting into everyone else's business! This week on Teen Mom 2, all the ladies had spats with important people in their lives, and more than a few toes were stepped on.


First up, there was Chelsea Houska, who's still battling with her ex Adam Lind about child support for their daughter Aubree. Adam seemed like he was getting better and being more involved in recent weeks, but things were back to normal, with his hardly spending time with Aubs when he had the opportunity to.

Adam also posted an "inappropriate" photo of his 6-year-old to social media, which MTV wisely decided not to share. Chels texted Adam to ask him to take it down, at which point he freaked out that she was being unreasonable. As Chels said, there are perverts out there, and you do need to be careful about what you post of your kids online. She ended up consulting a lawyer about the situation, but sadly, there was nothing she could do. Hopefully Adam took the pic down on his own accord.

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Then there was Jenelle Evans, who has been doing really well with her new boyfriend David Eason. This was filmed prior to Christmas, and it looked like everything was going fabulously between them -- until Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans, stepped in.

Babs wanted to meet David, but when she did, she warned him that Jenelle is too "generous" with everyone in her life ... except for her. The implication was that he better not take advantage of her daughter, which might have been sweet in a way, if she then hadn't manipulated the situation for Christmas custody of Jace.

Jenelle wanted to spend Christmas with her eldest son (Babs has full custody of him), along with David and his daughter, but Mama Evans apparently had made plans to visit Jenelle's brother out of town. They came up with some weird plan to open gifts at 4:30 a.m. before heading out to Asheville, but later David told Jenelle that he was not happy about the situation. Who would be?

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This was also the week we watched Leah Messer lose custody of her twins, Ali and Aleeah Grace. It was so heartbreaking to watch her lawyer tell her the judge's decision to make Corey Simms the primary parent, and Leah later said on camera that she thought the decision was "f***ed up."

The most dramatic battle of the show was between Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jo Rivera, when she showed up early to pick up their son Isaac from his house. It was either 30 or 40 minutes early, depending on whose account is to be believed, but Jo was not happy about it.

Kail was not happy that Isaac hadn't been cared for to her standards (he wore what looked to be pajamas to school on Jo's watch), and thought it was ridiculous that Jo looked so dishevelled mid-afternoon on a weekend. She filmed Jo yelling and cursing at her, while Isaac was upstairs listening to the whole thing. Totally heartbreaking!

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Later, Kail talked to Isaac about the situation, and made sure that he knew that both of his parents loved him, but that it wasn't okay for his dad to say the things that he did to her. When she talked to her hubby Javi Marroquin about it, he agreed that no man should talk to a woman that way.

We couldn't agree more, Javi.


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