Find Out Which 'Teen Mom 2' Dads Have Real-Life Bromances

If you've ever wondered which Teen Mom 2 dads are the closest in real life, then today is your lucky day. On their most recent press trip to New York, the baby daddies of Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska were all asked who they got along with the best -- and their answers were pretty surprising.


It helps the entertainment value that MTV asked the dads separately who they were friendliest with ... because they didn't all have the same answers!

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Corey Simms opened up about "obviously" being the closest to Jeremy Calvert, and then explained it's because they live in the same state. Let's not forget about the fact that their daughters are sisters (Leah is mom to Corey's twins Ali and Aleeah, and to Jeremy's daughter Addie), and they both married and divorced the same woman.

But Jeremy didn't exactly feel the love back, because he said he felt the closest to Javi Marroquin. He explained that he and Leah got together around the same time Kail and Javi did, and subsequently "got thrown into this s*** at the same time."

Chelsea's ex Adam Lind made a surprising confession that he's closest to both Jeremy and Corey. Given his blossoming friendship with fellow bad boy and gym rat Nathan Griffith, we totally thought that's who he was going to say.

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Lind explained, "I can relate to both of them about equally. We've got the same attitude towards the show and towards life and stuff like that." Yup, that makes sense, since all three have publicly expressed their displeasure at being on the show lately, and have said they no longer want to be a part of it should there be an eighth season. We'll see if they hold out when/if MTV offers them a raise, but that's a topic for another time.

Then there was Isaac's dad Jo Rivera, who basically said he doesn't talk to anyone from the show except for Kail, because he "doesn't like long-distance relationships." Well, there you have it!


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