Farrah Abraham's Latest Business Venture Is Not What We Expected

Is there any part of the world this girl isn't planning on taking over? Farrah Abraham has yet another business venture, and we're all just so very glad that this time the word "erotic" is nowhere in sight. According to the Teen Mom OG star, she's going to be selling furniture from her very own shop called Furnished by Farrah.


But of course she had to dress up in lingerie to start peddling her wares. Because how else would you sell furniture except for looking like you're ready to get busy on it?

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Farrah is reportedly opening up shop in Austin, Texas, in July. But have no worries if you don't call the Lone Star State home -- there's going to be an online store as well. It's anyone's guess as to who will run the retail store, since as far as we know, Farrah is planning an imminent move from Austin to Los Angeles.

In addition to her reality TV career, the 24-year-old has also made a name for herself in the erotica department, with her adult film Backdoor Teen Mom, as well as multiple erotic novels and a full line of sex toys. She's also sold pasta sauce, hair extensions, and her own DNA.

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Here's to hoping that this is a success for Ms. Abraham, and doesn't go the way of her frozen yogurt shop or her realty company. Both of those were announced by Farrah, never to be heard of again.

At least she has her plans to become a world-famous plastic surgeon to fall back on.


Image via Topco Sales/Splash News

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