Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Are Reportely on the Verge of a Split

It's been less than a month since The Bachelor wrapped up for the season, but the breakup rumors have already begun! Reportedly, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell's relationship is already on the rocks, and Lauren just moved to Denver, where Ben lives! 


According to what a source close to the couple tells Life & Style (via OK! magazine), their relationship is already "extremely tense." Yikes! So what's going on? Apparently, it all started when Lauren found out that Ben dropped an L-bomb on JoJo Fletcher, too, and it's all been downhill from there. 

The insider tells Life & Style, "Lauren tries not to think about it, but she’s traumatized that Ben told another girl he loved her. It's unclear if they'll last." 

And now that they're living together, it sounds like things aren't getting any better -- especially since Lauren may be having a difficult time adjusting to life in Denver. 

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"It's his place, not theirs," the friend said. "If he doesn't make it feel like home for her, they won't make it." 

Um, duh? Moving in together means blending two lives, and it's key that they do that successfully if they want to make it to their wedding day. But we're not worried. So far, all evidence points to these two living happily ever after, and rumors like this always come out right after The Bachelor ends, year after year. 

Keeping our fingers crossed for Ben and Lauren! They're just so cute that they need to make it work!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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